PNG image Performance


I'm seeing a large performance issue with large png files and wondering if there's a fix or something that can be done about it.


I can create a PDF with a ton of table cells, text, 4 PNG files of about 200 pixels wide, and 5 jpg files at about a rate of 80 pdfs a minute or so.

I can only create a pdf with a single PNG image of about 1000 pixels wide using the FixWidth="200" at a rate of 15 pdfs a minute.

I'm not seeing this performance decrease with large JPG files. I'd prefer to use the PNG files for quality.




Dear Chris,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Some of the PNG image is not supported and Aspose.Pdf has to convert it into bitmap which takes much time. Can you open your PNG image with MS print? Can you please attach one of the image and let me test it?


Thanks for looking into this. I have attached the example PNG file and below is the XML code I'm using. I'm not sure what MS Print is. I can open the image in MS Office Picture Manager, Paint Shop Pro 7 and IE Explorer.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


I have tested the image and it is really slow. I will try to solve this problem soon.


Sorry to tell you we can't solve this problem in short time. I have logged this problem and will solve this problem later. As a workaround, is it possible for you to use another image type?


Thanks for the update.

We'll be using JPG files for now. We'd prefer to use PNG vs JPG for transparency, smaller PDF size and a little better quality, but I think JPG will work for us now, it'll just make us work a little harder to accomplish some transparency needs Smile [:)]


Since you have to use PNG image, I will try to solve this problem ASAP.


Thank you very much. Using JPG or the other image formats is also causing a larger file size then we need. So PNG may be or only option now.

I appreciate the effort.


Please download new hotfix 2.8.5.


Thanks for fixing this.