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POP3 over SSL on x64 OS

It appears there is a problem with the Pop3Client when connecting via SSL in a 64 bit environment. Here's what I found:

My test program, compiled for "Any CPU", when run on Vista x86, successfully connects to both ssl and non ssl pop3 servers. When run on W2K3 x64, it successfully connects to non SSL pop3 servers, but does not connect to the same ssl pop3 server that was successful on the Vista machine. Instead, it receives a "Timeout Exceeded" error message.

When I compile the test program with no code changes for x86, it successfully connects in all 4 scenarios. My real code is running under the IIS process, and I am taking advantage of x64 features in other parts of my program, so running the program as x86 is not really an option at this time.

Can you take a look and let me know?



Thanks for considering Aspose.

Our developers are looking into this issue. We will provide you a 64-bit build for Aspose.Network.

Thank you, Saqib.

Do you have an expected time of completion for this?



Thanks for considering Aspose.

We are planning to fix it in the release of March. Do you think it is ok for you? Or perhaps, we can provide you the beta version of Aspose.Network earlier.

Best regards

I wouldn’t mind trying out a beta version, if you’re willing. Thanks a lot.


Could you please try this hotfix? Let me know if it works.


Best regards.

That link doesn't work; i get a 404....



I have attached this beta on the post. Check it out.

Works great; thanks a lot.

Hello again,

The beta version works well for SSL, but it appears now that i'm not receiving any addresses that are BCC'd on an inbound POP3 mail message. I took a look at the Headers collection under the mailMessage and did not see the bcc address there, either. Is there possibly a bug there in this beta version?



It is not a bug actually. Bcc is kind of server things. It will not send to each client, which is why they call Bcc. You will not know about who is cc.