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Pop3Client do not have SelectFolder


In ImapClient, there is a SelectFolder property, which only read specify folder in the mailbox.
E.g. mImapClient.SelectFolder(ImapFolderInfo.InBox);

This do not happen in Pop3Client.
This cause the email reading, even in Deleted Items folder.

Please assist on this.


Thank you for contacting Aspose support team.

The POP3 protocol doesn’t support a folder system and, hence, it can’t be used the way you are asking for. I have investigated the issue of reading messages from Deleted items folder but I am afraid to share that I couldn’t observe any such problem. Could you please share which email server you are connecting to using the Aspose.Email’s Pop3Client? We’ll look into it for our investigation and assisting you further.


I am using Aspose.Email’s Pop3Client to connect to pop3.live.com (outlook.com pop3 server)

If manually delete the received email (in Inbox), and then use the application to read and download email immediately, Deleted email will still download.

Repeat the same step as above. But this time, waited 2 minutes, then only start the application to read and download email. In this case, no email will be downloaded.

Is there anyway, I can improve this?


Please try client.CommitDeletes() once you delete a message. This will send explicit message to the server for deleting the messages from the mailbox. Please let us know your feedback then.