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POP3Client Fetch Message - How to Disable Sending Delivery Notifications


I am using POP3Client Fetch Message to retrieve a message. Whenever an incoming message has ‘Request a Read Receipt’ set, a ‘Not Read’ message is sent back.
Please could you provide me a setting/sample code to avoid sending any replies back.
Please note that the server’s ReadReceiptResponse is set to ‘Never Send’ . I get this email message when POP3Client.DeleteMessage is successful.


‘Not Read’ message is sent back when I issue POP3Client.DeleteMessage(UniqueID)

Hi Sathyapriya,

I have tried this scenario as follows:
  1. Send a mail with Request Read Receipt option using Outlook
  2. Use Aspose.Email Pop3Client to access this mail on receiving end
  3. Delete this email using pop3Client.DeleteMessage()
I am afraid that it does not send any Not Read message to the sender. Could you please inform which Aspose.Email .NET library are you using? If you are using latest library, please provide us some sample test account which can be used to re-produce the scenario.

I am sending mail to an Office365 from outlook. Hope this helps.

Hi Sathyapriya,

I have tried this scenario by sending email to Office365 from Outlook and retrieved and deleted it using Pop3Client. I am afraid that no report is sent back when message is deleted. Could you please provide more assistance to re-produce this scenario?
I could reproduce this issue with every other server.
Are you not getting any message back? Not even a 'Read' message? I have attached my test VS2012 solution with this.
Please substitute the username and password with your own office365 account and see if you could recreate it.

Please can I have an update on this issue.


At present, there is no such method to stop these auto replies. We are in process of discussing this issue with our Product team and shall soon share our feedback with you. Please spare us a little time until then.

Hi Sathyapria,

We have discussed this issue in detail and it is observed that this receipt is not sent back by Aspose.Email library. This can be verified by a third part library Limilab. A sample project is attached here which uses this third party library and retrieves and deletes the mails using Pop3 client. It should be noted that after execution of this code, the read receipt is automatically sent.

This Read Receipt configuration can be done on the respective mail server and it is beyond the control of Aspose.Email. Please feel free to write us back if you have any other query in this regard.