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Populate HomeFax and BusinessFax. MapiContact PST file

I'm currently reviewing this product and trying to export contacts. I'm having problems populating the following fields

This is what I am trying:
mapiContact.ElectronicAddresses.HomeFax.FaxNumber = "123456";
mapiContact.ElectronicAddresses.BusinessFax.FaxNumber = "123456";

is this a limitation in the trial?

Many thanks

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for writing to Aspose support team.

We have tested this issue at our end and everything works fine. The generated MSG file has both the fax numbers as specified. In Outlook, you need to select Business Fax and Home Fax to view these numbers. Please try it using the latest version of Aspose.Email for .NET 5.5.0 and let us know your feedback.


I’ve upgraded to the latest version and tried the following, still with no success:
MapiContact mapiContact = new MapiContact();
mapiContact.ElectronicAddresses.HomeFax.FaxNumber = “Home Fax”;
mapiContact.ElectronicAddresses.BusinessFax.FaxNumber = “Buiness Fax”;
mapiContact.Telephones.BusinessTelephoneNumber = “Office Number”;
mapiContact.Save(@“C:\Users\Test\Desktop\Pst Import\test.vcf”);

This is what I get:

It appears Business Fax gets entered into OtherFax?

Am I missing something?


Hi Ashley,

We were able to reproduce this issue at our end and have logged it as EMAILNET-34881 in our bug tracking system. Our product team will investigate this issue further and we shall write back here as soon as there is some information available.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as EMAILNET-34881) have been fixed in this update.

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This bug seems to have reappeared in version
My code (the example is the same as yours, so ty for the legwork webfort ;)) gives me the same result - no fax numbers being committed to the pst file at all.

Here is my code - emails 1 thru 3 do commit, but the fax numbers are nowhere to be found:

            contact.ElectronicAddresses = new MapiContactElectronicAddressPropertySet
                Email1 = "",
                Email2 = "",
                Email3 = "",
                BusinessFax = "1111111111",
                HomeFax = "2222222222",
                PrimaryFax = "3333333333"

Can you run a test and confirm this please?


Can you please provide the working sample example along with source file (if any) and generated file having issue. We will investigate the issue based on information provided to assist you further.

Email sent with project as attachment

bump -> is there any news on this please?
I was hoping that the fix might magically appear in the latest version - sadly it isn’t.


Where you have sent the email. Can you please share via Private message option. All you need to do is to click on my name icon in post and a popup will appear. Then you need to use Message option to send a private message to me.

Email sent xxxxxxxxxxxx


I have created an issue with ID EMAILNET-39977 in our issue tracking system to further investigate and resolve the issue. This thread has been linked with the issue so that you may be notified once the issue will be fixed

bump -> is there any news on this please?


Please try setting the fax numbers explicitly as in attached sample project:

                contact.ElectronicAddresses = new MapiContactElectronicAddressPropertySet();
                contact.ElectronicAddresses.Email1 = "";
                contact.ElectronicAddresses.Email1 = "";
                contact.ElectronicAddresses.Email1 = "";
                contact.ElectronicAddresses.BusinessFax.FaxNumber = "1111111111";
                contact.ElectronicAddresses.HomeFax.FaxNumber = "2222222222";
                contact.ElectronicAddresses.PrimaryFax.FaxNumber = "3333333333";
                contactsFolder.AddMapiMessageItem(contact); (116.4 KB)