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Position of connector text

We are replacing Visio interop with Aspose and it is mostly working great. One problem we are having is that the text for connectors is appearing a long way from the connector. The formula for TextXForm.TxtXPin is set to =Width0.5 and TxtYPin is =Height0.5 so I’d expect the text to appear halfway along the connector. And editing the formulae in Visio moves the text to the expected location

I thought RefreshData might solve the problem and that does move the text to the expected location but it also causes the connector to display as if it was configured to be a straight connector rather than a right-angle connector

Are these bugs or am missing something?

Could you please share your sample Diagram and code for our reference? We will test the scenario in our environment and address it accordingly.

Process Visio Export Test7.zip (34.2 KB)
Here’s the vsdx I’m generating. If you open it in Visio and look at the ShapeSheet for the Link 3 connector then edit the formulae for Text Transform/TxtPinX and TxtPinY by placing the cursor in the formula field and pressing Accept, the text for the connector moves to a more sensible location

It may take me a little while to put together some sample code


You may please take your time to share a sample code in order to reproduce the issue. We will further test the case in our environment and proceed to assist you accordingly.