Possible issue with Java Machine on the server


In the last period we found a issue that crash the JVM in the server during the action on the Power Point: Split or add images to ppt by ASPOSE.

What we found is that the Java crash and this crash all the system.

Could you please let me know if there are other case about this issue?



In case of crash on image adding I’d offer to check if native JAI dll’s were installed and remove all of them to avoid JNI calls. That are mlib_jai*.dll and clib_jiio*.dll for windows, libmlib_jai.so and libclib_jiio.so for unix environment. Image processing will work slower after that but never won’t crash whole JVM.


The process the we use is the follow:

take the images, resize them to max of 5000x3500, insert them in a PPT and split the PPT.

What we found is the following:

Adding images bigger then 7000 x 7000 pixels:

· If the image is light (around 100kb) the system crashes only if the image is bigger than the slide size (Streach the images in the PPT)

· Adding a heavy big picture (like the one that originally caused the crash) the tool is not able to resize it automatically and the system crashes