Post 1.1 issues


Thank you for the 1.1 release. It contains some great features.

A couple things:
1. Whenever there is a single or double apostrophe in a template, aspose.word replaces it with a “box” shape. Can this be fixed?

2. I am attempting to open a 5 page document using your “Document” class and “Word” class. I get the error "Unable to read beyond the end of the stream. " I have a feeling this is because the document is so large becasue if I cut it down significantly, it works fine. Any ideas?



Hi Zoltar,

Please send both of the documents (containing apostrophes and unable to read beyond end of stream) to and I will resolve the issues quickly.

Word binary format is so complex and has mistakes in the documentation so we are bound to discover documents that cause us errors. Our commitment is to fix these errors quickly.

“Unable to read beyond end of stream” is typically caused by some unexpected and misunderstood (by Aspose.Word) internal content of the document. I must examine the document and make adjustments to Aspose.Word.

Size of the document should not matter, we have Aspose.Word reading huge documents in our test environment.


Hi Zoltar,

Both of these issues were related to handling of special characters. We were using wrong encoding inside Aspose.Word. This has now been fixed, please check out