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PowerPoint 2000 displays all text as Windings

I have a presentation created with Aspose.Slides that causes very strange behaviour when opened in PPT-2000: All text is displayed in the windings font, making it completely unreadable. When I select a textbox the font-field in the formatting toolbar shows “arial” (as it is supposed to), but the text is still windings. Changing the font to something else and then back to arial solves the situation.

Have you ever heard of such behaviour before? Any suggestions?

PPT-XP and PPT-2007-B2-TR both renders the file fine.

Did you test PP-2000 and other PPs on different computers?
The most possible problem is your presentation has wrong created font.
PowerPoint try to make font substitution and probably Wingdings font was selected on PP-2000.

I have been testing in PP-2000 on several computers (PP-2000 is the default installation on my client’s computers), and in the newer versions of PP in seperate virtual machines.

Recently I have made som changes to the input presentations that my application uses, to solve some other problems. I have not seen the font error since I made this change, but I do not know exactly when the error occured before leaving me unable to reproduce the steps. Do you believe that the error has to do with my input presentation files, or the process they go through in my application (cloning of slides to new presentations)?

Thanks a lot for you help.

If you don’t create new fonts in ppt files then probably there are some problems with text cloning.
Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to find why it could happen without real ppt files.