PowerPoint '95



Thanks for your previous response re. the “UserEditAtom not found” exception. Is there any chance that you will support PPT '95 files? About 10% of the files I looked at seem to have this problem.

In the meantime, is catching this exception the best way to alert users that they’re dealing with a PPT 95 file? Or is there a better way to recognize old files?



Dear Karsten,

No, we don’t have planes to support PPT 95 format.
After some investigation I found these files have both formats (95 and 97).
It was saved as “Presentation PowerPoint 97-2002 and 95”.
But new format is hidden inside old one. Probably we can support such
files in the future but not PPT 95 format.


Is there some way to recognize what version the file is, to display a meaningful error message?



Dear Karsten,

I added throwing special exception on reading old PowerPoint formats.
Please wait next hot fix.


Outstanding! Thank you.