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PowerPoint cannot edit chart data after simple open/save by Aspose Slides

Aspose Slides breaks something in PowerPoint files with embedded chart and data.

I have a pptx file with an empty slide (PR26789_simple_1_slide.pptx).
Into this slide I copy a graph with embedded data (PR26789_original_with_embedded_data.pptx).
The data can be edited – see attached screen dump – EditGraph.
However, data cannot be edited any more after a simple Aspose Slides Open/Save operation (PR26789_refined_data_not_editable.pptx).

The very simple code for open/save .pptx file is included In AsposeSlidesOpenSaveTest.aspx
We have tested with Aspose Slides, v 18.4.0. (and older versions).
I really hope that You can help. In situations like this we need help to regain our customers/users faith in Aspose.

Thanks and kind regards
Sven Andersen (141.9 KB)


I have observed your comments. Can you please try to use Aspose.Slides latest version 18.5 on your end and share feedback with us if there is still an issue.

Hi Adnan
Thanks for fast response. Yes it seems to work fine in Slides v 18.5 :slight_smile:
We will deploy it and let the customer/user who found the problem test/validate.
Sven Andersen