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PowerPoint found an error it cannot correct

I have a Powerpoint presentation based off a powerpoint file with a single empty slide...

The routine in this case simply calls the AddEmptySlide method several times until there are more than twenty slides in the resulting presentation..

Upon opening the resulting powerpoint and moving beyond Slide 19 - Powerpoint freezes with a "PowerPoint found an error it cannot correct.. I initially noticed this in a project I was doing but simplified the code to simpy do a bunch of AddEmptySlide calls to establish that it is not an issue caused by my code.

Please help.. Is this a problem with certain versions of PowerPoint? Is there anything I can do to workaround this problem?



Please reply.. Even if to say this cant be fixed..


I have also seen this same message from PowerPoint recently. I don't know what causes it. Most of the time, simply quiting PowerPoint and reopening the PPT file works.

However just today, I have a PPT file that refuses to open on one particular workstation. The PPT was embedded in a ZIP file that I was trying to open from within WinZip.

When I extracted the PPT from the ZIP file, PowerPoint was able to open it succesfully.

I am using Aspose.Powerpoint for Java version

This is strange and annoying.

Thank you,
Randy Stegbauer

Aspose is apparently working on the problem - at least according to this post: