PowerPoint Names and Tags


Does the Aspose API have any way to access PowerPoint object names? In the PowerPoint Programmers API - each slide, shape, etc. have a name associated with them. Sometimes these feilds are used for classification behind the scenses or could be used in a PowerPoint template to tag items for replacement. Does Aspose allow you to read or modify theses values?

The PowerPoint API allows you to assign name/value pairs to a Slide using the "Tags" collection. Is there anyway to access these name value pairs in Aspose?


PPT file doesn’t contain name of objects. MS PowerPoint generates it dinamically.

“Tags” collection is supported. Please check Slide.Tags and Shape.Tags properties.


I see the "Tags" collection documented on your website in the API; however, it is not available in the demo that I downloaded and am evaluating.

Since you claim on your website that the demo version contains the full functionality of the retail version, I am confused as to why it does not show up. I have attampted to attached the aspose.powerpoint.dll, which you can add to a project reference in Visual Studio and view it in the Object Browser...no Tags collection is visible on the slide or shape objects.

Am I evaluating a old copy? or can you point me in the right direction to get access to this collection?


I thought Tags collection is very simple and clear to use even without large examples.

It almost the same as in MS PowerPoint VB API. What examples you prefer VB or C#?

Example for Slide.Tags:


pres.GetSlideByPosition(1).Tags.Add(“test_tag”, “value”);

string name = pres.GetSlideByPosition(1).Tags.GetTagName(0); // returns “test_tag”

string val = pres.GetSlideByPosition(1).Tags[“test_tag”]; // returns “value”


And the same for Shape:


shape.Tags.Add(“test_tag”, “value”);

string name = shape.Tags.GetTagName(0); // returns “test_tag”

string val = shape.Tags[“test_tag”]; // returns “value”



Sorry - apparently I was using an old dll where the Tags collection had not yet been implemented. I downloaded the newest stuff and now it appears that I have access to everything documented in the API.

As a follow up to the "Name" property on various PowerPoint objects. You mentioned that these are auto-generated; however, my company has many existing powerpoints where (using a custom in-house addin) they have changed the names on various PowerPoint objects - the most common practice is to change the slide name: so instead of "slide1" it has "successstoryslide1". These names do persist - meaning I can close the file (and/or application) and re-open the file again and the updated names are there. If they were auto-generated everytime, I would expect to loose these changes so I must conclude that they are stored somewhere in the file. Is there any chance that access to this field will be available in the future?


Names of slides after ditrect changing were implemented. Please check Slide.Name property.

For shapes it’s necessary to investigate such possibility.


Thanks for pointing out the Slide.Name - I did not see it before probably for the same reason as the Tags collection (old version). Keep me updated should you add the Shape.Name functionality.

Thanks for the quick responses!