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Powerpoint Opens in PPT2002 but not PPT2003

I have a client who is attempting to open a powerpoint that is created on our server using your module.

I am able to downlaod and open it just fine. When he tries to open the file, it crashes his Powerpoint.

I am also able to download it and save it in 2002 and then send it to him in email. He is able to open the emailed ppt.

I have an unopened copy of the ppt I can send you to test for anything abnormal.

We are using Aspose.PowerPoint version 2.0.1

Please Help


It has now been over a week and I am still unable to resolve this issue.

Attached is the source powerpoint that I use to generate the new
powerpoint with aspose.powerpoint and the previous message has the
generated powerpoint that is not working.

I need this fixed as we have demonstrations scheduled but are unable to go through with due to this problem.

Thank you