PPS Question


I am evaluating the powerpoint component for purchase. So far the tool is very easy to use and meets all of the project requirements, however, I have an issue that I have not been able to answer through the demos or documentation.

The project I am working on takes slides from numerous uploaded Powerpoints and creates new presentations for a user to download. Depending on the user the downloaded presentation should either be saved as a PPT (editable) or a PPS (read only slide show presentation). Creating the PPT is simple. I tried creating the PPS and while the tool created a readable file it was not read only (could be edited in PowerPoint).

Does the Aspose Powerpoint component support the read only "slide show" PPS files? The evaluation download was version 2.0 and the online documentation (generated by version 2.1) on your site refers to SlideShowSettings, would this be the functionality that would allow creating the readonly PPS files? Is there a way to get 2.1 to evaluate before purchase?




Dear Andrew,

Aspose.PowerPoint can read PPT and PPS files but can write PPT only.
I will check differencies between these 2 formats.
Probably writing PPS files can be implemented too.


Hi Alexey,

Thanks for the response. If you could let me know a timeframe for PPS support that would be great (I’d much rather use the Aspose component than a custom VBA/Office solution).



Dear Andrew,

I just tested PPT and PPS formats. They are absolutely the same.
So you can simply rename ppt file to pps.