Ppt in swf/jpg?


Hi! Is it possible to create swf or jpg files with Aspose.PowerPoint? Or do I need an other extra tool, too? Maybe, could you send me some code, too? Thank you very much!


.Net or Java ?

To create images of slides in .Net version (in any format supported by .Net) you should use

Slide.GetThumbnail function. Please check:



And in Java? Thank you!


In Java you have to save slide to SVG format. Please check Slide.saveToSVG() function.

And after that convert it to image with Batik SVG Toolkit.


OK! I was watching the system requirements and I saw that your program doesn’t runs on Linux, am I right? Or do you have a version that works on Linux? And can I save the slides in other image files than svg?


Aspose.PowerPoint for Java works on any operating system with JVM.

As I wrote you can save slides to SVG only but later convert it to any format with Batik.