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Pptx background size

I am facing a problem when exporting to PPTX from SSRS 2012.

I have no issues when exporting to TIFF or PDF with regards to the background image. However when I perform an export to PPTX via Aspose the background images for each report are far too large and get cut off the slide so that I am only seeing a blown up part of the top left of the image.
This is very confusing as other aspects of the report such as textboxes (which have their own background images) and charts are unaffected by this - just the background image for the body of the report.
Any ideas on why this is happening? This is in a dev environment and only has an evaluation copy of Aspose Slides

Thanks in advance

Hi Dan,

Thanks for inquiring Aspose.Slides.

I have observed the query shared by you. Can you please share the sample RDL file by using Adventure Works as data source. Please also share the generated presentation along with Tiff/PDF of the same report for comparison. Please also share the RPL file for the exported report. For further details about exporting to RPL, please visit this link. We will investigate the issue further on our end to help you out.

Many Thanks,

Hi Mudassir,

Thanks for your reply. The data I am working with is for a client and is confidential. I won't be able to send you the RDLs. The Images are also being stored externally to the report in a SQL Server Database Filetable. I have attached a TIFF and PPTX example of 1 page that should demonstrate what is happening.

If you still require an RDL I can work on a very basic report with an embedded background image to send.

Best Regards


Hi Dan,

I have observed the issue shared by you. Can you please share the exported RPL export file for the problematic report. Please follow the guidelines shared here for exporting to RPL format. You can also share the subset of RDL file by using Adventure Works as data source. Please make sure that the subset RDL file is reproducing the issue. I will add the issue in our issue tracking system to help you further in this regard.

Many Thanks,