PPTX Export Error

When exporting a page using PPTX format that includes a pie chart, the pie chart does not display and I have attached the message that I see on the screen. Everything displays correctly in the PPT format.

Thanks, Cheryl Phillips

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Slides.

I have observed the error image shown by you. In order to investigate and add the issue in our issue tracking system, I need to reproduce the issue on my end. Please share the RDL file along with data source, so that I may reproduce the issue. We really wish to help you but need your cooperation and appreciate your cooperation in advance.

We are sorry for your inconvenience,

I was not able to narrow down chart Registered Users by Region/Key Account to one property.

But I was able to narrow down to one property a similar issue for chart “Sessions Trend by Region/Key Account”.

DashboardDoesNotShowChart.rdl does not show chart “Sessions Trend by Region/Key Account” when Line 420 of DashboardDoesNotShowChart.rdl is 2.875in. See DashboardDoesNotShowChart.pptx

DashboardShowsChart.rdl does show chart “Sessions Trend by Region/Key Account” when Line 420 of DashboardShowsChart.rdl is 3in. See DashboardShowsChart.pptx

Why would making chart “Sessions Trend by Region/Key Account” 1/8 inch shorter not display the chart?

Mudassir Fayyaz, if we uploaded a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database backup, would you be able to restore the backup to test?

Sorry, I had two charts that I wanted to attach but keep getting an error on them. I hope the RDL’s will help.

Hi Cheryl,

I have observed the RDL files shared by you, but as i requested earlier that in order to reproduce the issue on my end I need the data source for the RDL files as well. Please use freely available AdventureWorks Database for SQL Server 2005 as a test data source for your RDL files and share with us. We expect a hopeful and positive response from your side.

Thanks and Regards,