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10548 PPTX – Rendering PPTX Slides rendering (Stage 1)

I see this indicated as being available in 4.0 -- could you provide some sample code of how to do this? My main goal is creating PDFs from pptx. Thumnails is one way, if something else is enabled, please let me know

Hi Khalid,

Here is an example of saving the slide as jpeg image.

PresentationEx pres = new PresentationEx("d:\\ppt\\imgpres1.pptx");

SlideEx sld= pres.GetSlideById(256);

Bitmap bt= sld.GetThumbnail(10, 10);


Thanks. This works. I do notice that the quality is very poor. I am using this method to insert the output image into PDFs (a subsitute for SaveAsPdf() basically). Is there a way to get better quality output?

Hi Khalid,

Are you talking about the image quality or the code performance issue?


Pptx rendering is under development. That is just first version for public testing. In the several next releases quality and speed will be improved.

By the way, GetThumbnail(10, 10) is overkill. It creates too large image. Standard use is GetThumbnail(1f, 1f).

I was indeed referring to ImageQuality (speed is good too). Do you know when the next release would be available (esp. for image quality). Is there any way to get a quick hot-fix just for imagequality? (We happen to be in a very tight timeline for this)

For any quality improvement requests please provide example of presentations with information what should be improved with high priority. We have own development plans for pptx rendering but if the problem can be fixed in a short time we will do it.


I will gather some samples. Could you help clarify your comment re:

By the way, GetThumbnail(10, 10) is overkill. It creates too large image. Standard use is GetThumbnail(1f, 1f).
With 1f,1f I get low quality (since I am trying to get a nice image of the full page to insert into PDF) -- what are the units of GetThumbnail? Maybe I can play with that if I have an idea of what 'knob' I am tweaking


Standard size of pptx slide is 720x540 points. GetThumbnail(1f, 1f) means creating image of a slide also with 720x540 resolution. Sure, you can create large images if necessary but I think image size 7240x5400 is too large for PDF.

Here is the sample input file and output file. As you can see the text is blurry. Export is by using

GetThumbnail(1f, 1f)

Hi Khalid,

As mentioned by Mr. Alexey, its first version for PPTX rendering and we have plans for improvement in next versions. The point raised by you has been taken up and you will be informed as soon as it is resolved.