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PPTX to HTML: export with slider transitions and animations (C# .NET)

My client likes to buy a aspose. We need play icon with animation effects like below URL. Please check it and provide me options.

Dropbox URL :


I have tried understanding your requirements and have not got them completely from video. Can you please share the desired output presentation with animation that you want to generate using Aspose.Slides and we will investigate that further on our end.

Thanks for your reply, We want to convert the pptx file like below URL. My client already using the some other tool. He want to convert a presentation like a below conversion url. Please check it.



I have observed the output shared on the link. From Aspose.Slides perspective, it allows you to generate slide thumbnails. In your web application, you may use add those slide images as slide show for your presentation. In future, we are going to provide support for exporting presentation with animations and sounds to HTML. An issue with ID SLIDESNET-36147 has been added in our issue tracking system to provide this support. I have linked this thread with issue so that you may be notified once the support will be included.