Pptx to PDF blank pages


I have this odd issue with converting pptx files to PDF.
I am using 18.5 version of AsPose for Java
my development enviroment is a virtual PC with windows 7.
My application is a Java application and my IDE is Intellij.
The converting works OK in my development PC but when the project deploys to a Linux (probably) Solaris then the resulted file (generated PDF) including only jpeg (if there are some images in pptx). all text is disappeared. For instance is I have a pptx with 15 slides, first page content some image/logo and therest of slides content tormated text in different FONTS.
After converting to PDF, the number of pages equal to the number of slides. The file contents the image/logo but rest of pages are blank.

I suspect that there must be some issue between Java, FONTS and Linux/Solaris since the convering works excellent in Windows.

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Can you please share sample project along with source files and generated result so that we may further investigate to help you out.


Hi, Thanks for reply to my issue. Currently I am in vacation.
But I did read some others posts in yours forums with similar problem where issue raised by missing True Type fonts in Linux / Solaris.

I have checked our servers and it seems that we are missing TrueType folder in the following path usr/share/fonts.
What I have thought to do for the moment is to copy fonts from development PC (Windows) to the server and then update font cache to see if it help.

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I have observed your following findings.

You may try the mentioned configurations on your end and may share with us if the problem still persist on your end.