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Pre-purchase Questions


Our company is considering purchasing Aspose.Slides; however, we have a few questions for consideration during our evaluation:

1) Does Aspose.Slides support the 2007 file format (import & export)?

2) Does Aspose.Slides allow one to specify the version (97, 2000, 2003, etc…) when saving presentations?

3) Does Aspose.Slides support SmartTags similar to Aspose.Cells?

4) If no, are there any plans to add such support at a later time?

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Dear Marcel,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Slides.

  1. No it does not currently support it but will soon support it, the work is being carried out for its support and beta release is expected to come out in this month.

  2. PowerPoint file format does not have any version field, so you cannot specify the version of ppt file. But if you want to save version info in some shape object by yourself, you can do so both in PowerPoint and with Aspose.Slides.

  3. What is the purpose of SmartTags in Aspose.Cells, perhaps then I could tell you if Aspose.Slides has such or similar functionality.


Thanks for your response. #3 would be very usefull to automatically fill a chart's datasheet. Our goal is to have a PowerPoint "designer" template that is updated with very little custom coding. The values would be replaced in the datasheet similar to the way it works in Aspose.Cells.

- Jeff

Dear Jeff,

I am still confused about the purpose of smart tags. But you can add excel charts in your ppt files with Aspose.Slides

Excel charts are added as OLE objects in slides. You can read OLE chart back later and edit them with Aspose.Cells and then again embed them as OLE object.

For example, in this thread, you will find the working code and project that reads the OLE chart object from ppt file, changes some of its data and then reinsert it.

The post id is 71911 and the direct link to code is