Pre-sales question about converting aspx/html to PDF


I have a client that wishes to convert about a thousand html files into PDF format. I am looking for a fairly low-cost solution to convert these files for them.

Also, there is an ASPX page that generates these html files by saving the html content to a stream.

Question…Is there a way to “easily” convert both the exisiting html files and any new ones that are generated by the ASPX page in the future?


M. Scott McIntosh


Dear Scott,

Thank you for considering aspose.

HTML hopes to be supported in Aspose.Pdf at the end of this month. But only simple HTML page will be supported in the first version. More complicated HTML and ASPX pages will be supported later.


Does Aspose.Pdf support complex HTML and browser streaming?


Dear bSlim,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

We have planed to publish a new release at the end of this month or early next month in which HTML2PDF function is enhanced. Please refer to Task for HTML2PDF enhancement.

Browser streaming is supported in Aspose.Pdf. You can save the generated PDF document to a stream or to the web browser directly.


We have improved Aspose for supporting converting aspx files to pdf files.

The new version would be released one week later.

Your could edit your aspx page for coverting any html files to pdf files.