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Pre-Sales question and comments on Aspose.PDF

I have been evaluating your PDF product for several days and I it's a great product and your documentation is very good! I do have a couple of questions:

What is the difference between your PDFKit and PDF product? It seems that I read somewhere on your site for PDFKit that PDF form fields were being incorporated into your PDF product, but I've read so much on your site, I'm a bit unsure about that. Using C#.NET 2.0, I need to display checkbox lists (or some type of list) from values in a database. I am able to do this using the radio button control and paragraph text. However, when I looked at your Formfield.List and Formfield.Checkbox items, I don't see any examples and/or properties lists in the API for these. If I wanted to use these formfields, would I need to purchase both PDFKit and PDF?

Thank you!


Dear Toni,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Aspose.Pdf is used to create PDF from scratch and Aspose.Pdf.Kit is used to manipulate existing PDF documents. If you want to fill the fields in existing PDF, you need Aspose.Pdf.Kit. If you want to create new PDF with form fields, you need Aspose.Pdf. Please elaborate your requirement so we can provide examples if needed.

Hi Tommy,

Thank you for the reply!

I have a C# Windows app where I am collecting user input based on a series of checkbox lists. The .net checkbox control options are stored in an SQL database and are dynamically populated at runtime. Once the user selects an option in the checkbox list, I save the selected option value to the database for that record and then generate the pdf. When I return the pdf file back the user, I need to display not only the option selected from the record, but I also need to display the table that stores the .net checkbox control options.

I was able to sucessfully do this with the Aspose radio button control, but I would also like to see this displayed in a checkbox and/or list type form field in the pdf. This isn't a data question. It's a question for how I would display the data correctly in the pdf to represent a list of items and graphically represent what was selected. In your documentation for form fields, you have a "List" type, but I can't seem to find anything on this list type in the API. Can you provide an example for this formfield type of list or if you have any other suggestions on how I might draw this information in the pdf that would be very helpful? We have a large number of pdfs that we will be generating that will need to display this data in this manner.

Thank you for your help!