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Preferred Printers? (A little off-topic)

Hey all - I’m having some great success with Aspose.Words - at least with a couple of my printers. One of my printers though, a multi-tray HP, is always a pain. It doesn’t like using different paper sizes or having margins set in the .doc… It likes to pause between printing documents to ask the user to load paper or switch trays (when none of this is needed)…

It seems to me the printer is just too ‘smart’ for what I’m doing. Anyone have a preference for a printer that just does what Aspose tells it to without getting in the way? Preferably one that can do different paper sizes and/or envelopes? I’m only doing small runs of printing (1-100 documents at once).

Sorry if this is a little off-topic but I think it’s actually important.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Damian,

Thanks for your request. As you may know, paper tray numbers are printer specific. I suppose the problem might occur because paper trays numbers specified in your document do not match paper tray numbers of the above-mentioned printer. So first of all you should make sure that paper trays in your document are specified correctly. You can specify paper trays programmatically, using Aspose.Words:

Hope this helps.

Best regards,