Presentation.SlideSize Question

I have been converting slides successfully for some time now, but ran into an issue when the original size of a slideset was not 10x7.5 inches (720x540 pixels). To get the percentage change for the GetThumbnail(width, height) function, I had hard coded the original slide size.

I am now trying to dynamically pull in the original slide size by using the Presentation.SlideSize property. The problem I am running into is that for a presentation that should have slides of size 720x540 px, it is returning 5760x4320 for the result of Presentation.SlideSize. What unit is it measuring the width/height in? I noticed that 720 x 8 = 5760, but can't figure out what that means.

Thanks in advance!

5760x4320 is size of a slide in pixels.

Resolution of slide is 576 dpi.

We have the same issue, slides come out at ridiculous sizes. You suggest that the original poster’s slide is at a res of 576dpi, quite honestly that cannot be the case. To me it seem that every output size is being multiplied by 8, which may be a bug within Aspose.
For out slides, a PPT of 1040x540 suddenly spits out images of over 8000x4000 - crazy.

Please can you look into this?