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Presentation.Write() null ref exception after Slide.ChangeMaster()

Presentation.Write() fails with a null reference exception, after
cloning a number of slides from different files, and then using
ChangeMaster() on each slide to change the master. The cloning itself
and the change master call succeeds; it fails only when I get

Partial stack trace:


at Aspose.PowerPoint.Presentation.x385156e102e7b12a()

at Aspose.PowerPoint.Presentation.Write(Stream stream)

at Aspose.PowerPoint.Presentation.Write(String file)

I checked to make sure that the master I’m changing to is NOT null.
However, it is definitely related to the ChangeMaster() call. If I
leave that off, the write succeeds. All slides and masters used are in
the presentation I am writing.

Any clues?

Thanks in advance.

[UPDATE] I answered my own question. The master slide was in the wrong presentation (one of the files I was copying from).

It would be nice if you throw an exception that explains the problem.

Exception with error message added in hot fix.