Preview Doc in new browser page


is it possible to open a created document in a new browser?

i have created a doc then display as follows

dstDoc.Save( _
String.Format("{0}.doc", param), _
SaveFormat.FormatDocument, _
SaveType.OpenInBrowser, Response)

but it previews in the existing browser, is it possible to preview in a new browser?



Hi Craig,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

If you mean opening the document in a new browser window, then I guess you should register some JavaScript to pop it up. See the PopupWindow method in the Aspose.Word ASP .NET demo.


We actually purchased aspose a while back and used the popup method in our previous project quite successfully as the user could only ever print off one letter type at a time, but its not really a viable option in this case

basically our page has a datagrid that contains numerous records, and the user selects with a checkbox which records they wish to print. they then click print and it goes off and creates the documents (using various templates) and appends them all into one document. once the doc has been created it then updates the record for each document created.

so as you can see we cant really use the HTML popup as we have no way of transferring what the user has selected. only way would be to dump the selected records into a backend table and then launch the popup then run all the document code against whats in the backend table. so your basically processing the selected records twice. which seems a long way around for something that sounds pretty simple (i say sounds - i know its probably far from simple!!)

i just thought maybe aspose might have looked a bit further into this as id have thought it'd be an option most users would like to have.



Sorry we have no much experience in Web programming so nothing to suggest. Thank you for understanding.