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Hi I’ve just wondered what Preview slides featutre mean. (option given in Product’s overview).

Creating thumbnail (up to real size) of a slide. Available only in .Net version yet.

Ok I see

As I said before Im going to do basic editor of presentations. It will take on input ppt files then you would choose those slides you’d like. As a next step you could make some changes to the slides and finally you write a new presentation.

The main problem for me is generating preview (as an image [JAVA]) of slide. Maybe someone made API to do it and could share it, I would be grateful.

One more question. Library is integrated with PDF module so pictures must be generated somehow to put them into the pdf. Is it possible to get access to this API or maybe it’s accessable by default.

Best Regards

I’d suggest to wait 2-3 weeks. We will add export of slides to SVG format
so you can use Batik for preview slides and export to PDF.