Print large page to several A4 pages


I have a document of one page containing a large image. The page size is 80 x 40 cm. Is it possible to setup or print the page so it splits to fit an actual A4 size? I want to keep the actual image size, but let it spill over as many A4 pages as it needs.

It that possible to configure or do you know of a tool that can?


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I want to know more about your requirements.

Q1: The document one page containing a large image is a Pdf format file, right?

Q2: Now I can't catch the meaning that you want to spill over as many A4 pages as it needs while keeping the actual image size. Could u give us more ideals?

BTW, could u attach the document or directly mail to I think it's the best way to understand what you extactly want to do.

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The page i have now is roughly 70 x 34 cm. An A4 page is 21 x 29 cm. I do not want to resize the contents of the large page when printing. I want the printer to output only A4 size paper each containing a portion of the large page. In this case the 70 x 34 cm page should be printed as 4 A4 pages.

The jpg image enclosed shows the large page and the black squares symbolizes each an A4 size page that I would like to actually end up with.


Thanks for considering Aspose.

Sorry for your inconvenience, we don't provide such a function and will not implement it in a short time because of some technical issues.

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