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Print logo to pdf form

I m able to print barcode to the form, can you tell me how can I print logo? thx

Dear Jyuen,

Aspose.Pdf.Form is not very suitable for printing logo.
Aspose.Pdf.Kit has nice functions about this, please refer to this url .

Best regards.

Dear Ken,
How about print image, if I have a .gif or .jpg image in my web form. can I print it to the pdf form when users submit it? thx

Dear jyuen,

Just as you printed the barcode, you could fill the image onto one button field, but you should notice the size of the image.

Or you could use the latest Aspose.Pdf.Kit 1.3.0, it supports to add image in a page at the specified position.

Best regards.

Thanks Ken,
I have an image on my form call "Logo.gif". I try to put
Label.FillImageField("logo", logo.gif)
Label.FillImageField("logo", logo.imageUrl)

both doesn't work. please advise


Dear jyuen,

1) Make sure that the field name is right, which is case sensitive.

2) Make sure that your iamge file name and its relative path are right. And the second parameter should be a string like the following:
Label.FillImageField("logo", "logo.gif")

3) Add a break point and make sure that the code has been executed.

Best regards.