Printing from Aspose Words v1.4 for Java



We're currently evaluating Aspose Words v1.4 for Java and are very pleased with the features it offers. However, we need to be able to print documents - I understand this functionality is currently not supported.

There appear to be a number of posts regarding this topic, but it's quite confusing as I'm never quite sure whether it's the .Net or Java version being discussed and there seems to be significant differences in functionality between both versions - e.g. Java version doesn't have option to generate PDF files. You say it's supported in WordViewer - but WordViewer isn't available in Java version?

Can you clarify the position regarding this? What options do I have for printing Word docs from Aspose Java?




Aspose.Words for Java is actually a port of Aspose.words for .Net. So all features that are available in .Net version eventually get ported to java version.

You can found more info about it here:

So we will probably get the printing capability in Java version by the end of the year.

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