Printing not working- causes Word to crash


Hi Roman,

I’m having problems with printing the documents (after performing a mail merge).
When trying to print a document, I get
“The margins of section 1 are set outside the printable area of the page. Do you want to continue?”. I then select Yes and Winword.exe gives me one of those ‘The memory could not
be read errors’ before vanishing.

Have you encountered this before?



Please email the original document to for examination.


Hi Abdim,

1. I think margins outside of the printable area is purely your document problem. Aspose.Word does not change margins and in any document if you set them too small you will get this message in MS Word.

2. Crash both when printing and when clicking on the image was caused by the image stored in some strange EMF/PICT format (flagged as different for Windows and MacOS). I’ve cut the image out, converted it into JPEG and repasted into the document and it all works fine now. I’m sending the fixed doc to you.


Hi Roman,

thanks for your quick reply. I did replace all instances of the image with the one
that you sent and every one of them worked!