Printing/saving to pdf a word document with a table in it

I’ve been trying to print a word document or saving it to pdf, but it is always showing the table too wide. Is there a workaround possible in print settings or anything?
code for save pdf:

Dim pdfoptions As New Aspose.Words.Rendering.PdfOptions
pdfoptions.HeadingsOutlineLevels = 3
pdfoptions.ExpandedOutlineLevels = 1
pdfoptions.IsEmbedTrueTypeFontsForAsciiChars = True
doc.SaveToPdf(0, doc.PageCount, strPDFNaam, pdfoptions)
Code for print (with preview which is also messed up):
loPrinterSettings.PrinterName = "\\Arcobe01\HP LaserJet 4350 PCL 6"
loPaperSize = New System.Drawing.Printing.PaperSize("A4", 827, 1169)
loPageSettings.PaperSize = loPaperSize
loPageSettings.Margins.Left = 20
loPageSettings.Margins.Top = 20
doc = New Document(strFinalDocument)
Dim previewDlg As PrintPreviewDialog = New PrintPreviewDialog()
loRenderer = New Aspose.Words.Rendering.AsposeWordsPrintDocument(doc)
loRenderer.PrinterSettings = loPrinterSettings
loRenderer.DefaultPageSettings = loPageSettings
loRenderer.DefaultPageSettings.PaperSize = loPaperSize
loRenderer.OriginAtMargins = True
previewDlg.Document = loRenderer


Thanks for your request. It seems to be the known issue #7570 in our defect database. I will notify you as soon as it is fixed.
Best regards.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as 7570) have been fixed in this update.

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