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Printing speed question - web app vs. conventional application?

Given the same document, how does the speed of printing from a web server (using the XPS printing process) compare with the speed of printing from a conventional application using the normal printer drivers? Assume we’re printing to drivers on the same print server (so there’s no difference in time connecting to the server). The original document would be retrieved by the conventional application (just as the web application retrieves the document), so the time spent retrieving the document would be approximately the same in both cases.

Thanks in advance,
Frank Alviani

Hi Frank,

Thanks for your inquiry. I have performed some printing tests with Aspose.Words for .NET 13.3.0 as per your scenario and found that irrespective of input documents, printing for the very first time, right after deploying the Web Application in IIS, takes more time as compared to printing via a conventional desktop application. However, the subsequent XpsPrintHelper.Print calls over the web server always take lesser time when comparing to printing via a desktop application. So, I believe (on average) XpsPrint API performs well over the web (IIS). Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

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