Printing Wide PDFs


I am figuring out if I can use this product. I need to generate a pdf that can be dynamically sized so it tiles horizontally depending on how wide the page needs to be. I need a flowchart look going to the right that can tile as the screen gets wider? Can this product support that?



Dear jtaylor1024,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

I can not quite understand your requirement. In Aspose.Pdf, you can set the page width as you need and each section in a document can has different size. Please elaborate your question if you need more help.


Say I set the pagewidth to something three or five sheets wide so the pdf is only one page high, but three pages wide - a big wide rectangle. When I print that document would it tile to the right over the three pages, or does it act more like html printing from the browser, where it truncates anything wider than one printed page. I want to print the document and let the users tape the three pages together horizontally. Does your product produce documents that will tile horizontally when printed?


Sorry the function you need is not supported by Aspose.Pdf. In fact, Aspose.Pdf is just a pdf generator and it has not ability to control how to print the document if it is not supported by Acrobat reader.