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Hello. I recently purchased Aspose PDF and have uncovered a problem that requires immediate attention. When pdf documents with "Extended Rights" are concatenated together the extended rights are lost. Extended rights allow fillable interactive pdf forms to be filled out and allows the users to save the data using PDF Reader 8 and above. This is a critical feature that we need to have and without it we will not be able to use Aspose PDF to build the solution we require. I currently do not have priority support but would be more then willing to purchase it if it will help get this problem resolved quickly.

Please let me know if purchasing priority support will help get this issue resolved quickly and if so how I can purchase it and get the support ticket logged.

Thank you,

Hi Rod,

Thanks for contacting support.

Can you please share the issue ID or link of respective forum thread where you have specified the issue related to loss of Extended Rights feature when concatenating the PDF files. In case the problem is not already reported, please share the resource files so that we can test the scenario at our end. I would also suggest you to please try following the instructions specified over following link for related information on how to Preserve Extended Rights feature while working with Forms.

We are sorry for this inconvenience.

The article that explains how to preserve Extended Rights feature does not work when concatenating extended pdf documents or when adding pages from an extended pdf document to another extended pdf document. Preserve Extended Rights feature while working with Forms

Attached is a zip file that contains sample code and pdf documents that can be used to recreate the issue.

The tests in the attached file attempt to concatenate two pdf documents that have been extended.

TEST 1: The 1st test calls the "Concatenate" method using file paths.

TEST 2: The 2nd test calls the "Concatenate" method using read/write file streams.

TEST 3: The 3rd test uses the technique described in the "Preserve Extended Rights feature while working with FormsPreserve Extended Rights feature while working with Forms" article. It opens the source file in a Stream object (with ReadWrite File Access), uses the Document.Add() method to add pages from a different pdf document and then calls the Document.Save() method with no argument.

I have tried the tests use AsposePDF version 7.9 and 8.0. In the first two tests the Extended Rights features are missing from the final merged pdf document. In the third test the Extended rights are disabled and a the following message is displayed when you open the document in Adobe Reader: "This document enabled extended features in Adobe Reader. The document has been changed since it was created and use of the extended features is no longer available. Please contact the author for the original version of this document."

This is a critical issue that we need to get resolved in order to make use of your product. Without it the product is useless to us because we won't be able to use it for the purposes it was intended. If purchasing priority support will help get this issue resolved in a timely manner we would be more then willing to purchase it. If the issue cannot be resolved in a timely matter then purchasing priority support makes no sense because we ill not be able to use the product as it won't fit out needs.

Thank you,


Hi Rod,

Thanks for inquiry. We have already shared your concern with development team and raised the issue (PDFNEWNET-35307) priority to high. Please note the feature “extended usage rights” in PDF is represented with special kind of signature. Only Adobe has private key which is used to generate such signature. Its a complex feature Our team is investigating the issue and once the analyses of the issue is completed then we will be in a good position to confirm you whether purchasing priority support can expedited the solution or not. We will keep you updated about the issue status via this forum thread.

Thanks for you patience and cooperation.

Best Regards,