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Problem bringing styles from another document

Good morning,

I’m having some issues bringing the Headings from one document to another.

Let’s suppose I have 3 H1s and 1 H2. I’ll break the document into different sections based on the headings, THEN, I will create 3 new instances of the H1s and its content.

When I do that, it works like a charm, BUT, all the styles I’ve had in the original file won’t come up to the new Document.

Is there a way, when instantiating a Document, to bring ALL the styles from the original document?

Kind regards,
Davi Rodrigues


Thanks for your inquiry. Please use the following code example to copy all styles from source document to destination document. Hope this helps you.

Document source = new Document(MyDir + "in.docx");

Document destination = new Document();
foreach (Style style in source.Styles)
    if (style.Name.ToLower().Contains("char"))
    var styleName = style.Name;
    var targetStyle = destination.Styles.AddCopy(style);
    targetStyle.Name = styleName;
destination.Save(MyDir + "18.4.docx");