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Problem converting SpreadsheetML to Excel2000 in newer versions (3.9 and 4.0)

We use this product mainly as a conversion tool from SpreadsheetML to Excel binary format (currently Excel2000). We’ve been using version 3.8 successfully for awhile now. However, we recently upgraded first to 3.9 and then to 4.0 and we are now experiencing poblems. Now when one of our files is converted and we try opening with Excel, Excel crashes (giving us the dialog that shows Excel had an error and needs to close). After it gets through that dialog the file actually opens, but without any formatting at all, just the text.

I have example files I can send, just let me know where to send them to.



Hi Adam,

Since v3.9 we add some new features which may caused this problem. We have found and fixed it. Please try this attached version.

If you still find this problem, please send your file and sample code to

That fixed our problem. Thank you very much for the very responsive service! I’ve watched the forums alot and you guys really do provide great service!!

Thanks Again!