Problem filling forms


Hi Guys,

I've used the code example given in your Wiki for filling in form fields and the program works with no errors except for one thing - the fields are not being filled in.

The Form was designed with Adobe Designer 7, which I am aware from the forums uses an output format that is not yet supported by Aspose, so I saved it as an Acrobat 6 compatible (static) form.

My code is standard and lifted directly from your examples (see below). I know the already declared string variables contain the correct information as I print them to screen in a later part of the program. The routine creates the new form as requested, just not with the fields completed.

My form is attached.

'Instantiating Aspose.Pdf.Kit.Form object giving input and output PDF files as input

Dim form As Form = New Form("666.pdf", "front page.pdf")

form.FillField("Company", Company3)

form.FillField("Department", Department3)

form.FillField("Job", Job3)

form.FillField("Date", Interview3)



Thanks for considering Aspose.

Your form is not attached correctly, please try again.

We wil test it and reply u ASAP.


Thanks Kevin,

I had replied but as a separate post. I tried an old copy of Adobe 5 and found that the code worked perfectly, it was the format from Adobe 7 that was the issue.

It's funny that you didn't get the attachment as I did connect it.

If you need it for development purposes, I can send it to you.