Problem finding pdf documents created with aspose.pdf in sharepoint

We have aspose pdf maker in a sharepoint installation. It converts .doc to pdf, this works with no problems. The problems when you use the sharepoint search with adobe iFilter installed you only get hits on some of the words i the pdf. I get the felling that not all the conten is indexed?!

But if you search for content in a regular pdf not created with aspose.pdf all words in it is indexed.

What is the diffence?

Best Regards


Hello Amir,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

Can you please share some information regarding your working environment and also the method you are using to convert the word files into PDF i.e. either its the recently introduced direct to PDF save method of Aspose.Words or you are using Aspose.Pdf in conjunction with Aspose.Words to accomplish your requirement.

Also please share some sample PDF files for which you are facing problem while searching strings.

We apologize for your inconvenience.