Problem handling SUM with non-contiguous cells



currently I am generating SUM formulae over non-contiguous cells, namely constructs of the sort:


and such. However the string being generated is just fine and I assign it to the Formula property. When I open the resulting Excel file, I get a formula of the kind


Note the quote and function brackets that get introduced. Maybe there’s a different way in achieving what I want, but I feel this is a bug in the formula handling or non-contiguous cell handling.

Any help would be appreciated


Kai Iske


Please set the formula as


The dilimeter in formula can only be ‘,’.



thanks for the information. However Excel does support ‘;’ as a delimiter.
Anyway, maybe you should add this information to the Formula property’s help page so that people now. It only shows a sample using the range delimiter ‘:’




Yes. I will add it to our API reference. Thank you.