Problem in formatting on applying bullets to multiple paragraphs

I have a table cell in my word document where i have created multiple paragraphs by taking the clone of the first default paragraph of that cell. Before taking the clone of the first paragraph, i have also applied bullet on that first paragraph and then taken clone. I am using following three lines of code:-

Node NewParagraph = doc.Sections[ProfileNum].Body.Tables[TableNum].Rows[RowCount].Cells[CellNum].Paragraphs[0].Clone(true);

But these paragraphs are not coming formatted in the document in the sense that on selecting all the paragraphs, the bullets option in the toolbar is not highlighted. And these paragraphs don’t come strictly aligned to left. I have done the same thing using DocumentBuilder and i get correct results.
Can you please help me to align those paragraphs correctly?
Thanx in advance

With respect to my earlier post titled “Problem in formatting on applying bullets to multiple paragraphs” , i am sending you an attachment named TestDocument.doc. Please see bulleted paragraphs on page 6 in Responsibilities / Accountabilities section.

Thanks for your request. You can try to set ListLevel properties to format list. See the following code snippet.

doc.Sections[0].Body.Tables[0].Rows[2].Cells[2].Paragraphs[0].ListFormat.ListLevel.TabPosition = 10;
doc.Sections[0].Body.Tables[0].Rows[2].Cells[2].Paragraphs[0].ListFormat.ListLevel.TextPosition = 10;
doc.Sections[0].Body.Tables[0].Rows[2].Cells[2].Paragraphs[0].ListFormat.ListLevel.NumberPosition = 0;

I hope that it will help you.
Also please attach the template that you use to generate this document (or snippet of template that allow us to reproduce problem).
Best regards.