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Problem in opening a downloaded file directly on MSOffice 2000


I am facing problem in directly opening a downloaded word document through a download dialog box on word 2000. It happens on 2002 and later versions but gives problem on MSoffice 2000. I just want to ask whether Aspose.words have some limitations on part of MSOffice 2000. I have version of Aspose.words. I am attaching you the jpg file of error that i get if i directly open from download dialog box on MSOffice 2000. Can you please send me the dll of later version of Aspose.words if you might have fixed this problem.


Thank you for your question.

This doesn't look as an issue with Aspose.Words. Most probably it is specific to the environment. Please try on the latest version which is available for download from here:

If the problem persists check whether the temp file is saved on the hard disk and provide us any other specific information.



the temp file is not being saved.


This issue has nothing to do with Aspose.Words. As far as possible we'll investigate it and let you know in this thread if anything interesting is figured out.


Do you mean that there should be a temp file created on local hard disk automatically. The error that i get is also somewhat like this only that, the file, say, RoleProfile[2].doc not found. But it doesn't occur on versions greater than MSOffice 2000. It occurs only on the machine with XP operating system with MSOffice 2000. Can you please try this combination of platforms? May be i am doing any such operation in my code that MSOffice 2000 (basically microsoft word) is uncomfortable with. Can you pin point any such issue with MSOffice 2000, which is not there in MSOffice 2002 or later versions?

I assume you are developing a web service and downloading MS Word file as the result of some operation from server. MS Word 2000 doesn’t open it. To open any remote file with MS Word it is first downloaded to the temp directory. You can find it on the file system. If the name is not unique Windows adds some suffixes like [1], [2] etc. That’s what you see.

By default temp directory is:

C:\Documents and Settings\JSmith\Local Settings\Temp

Where JSmith is a placeholder of your username.

We’ll try exactly this combination and report you on any results. But I can not tell you about any points of difference in this.