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Problem installing on Vista RC2


We get an error installing on Vista RC2 Error 2689 And the installation rolls back, We are doing a lot now in Vista and wondered whether there was a work around to this issue.


What version of component are you using? Please download and try the latest one, Aspose.Words 4.0.1. Will it resolve the problem?

I downloaded the latest version and got "The Installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. this may indicate a problem with this package. The Error code is 2869"

This is with the latest version. - I also have the same with aspose.pdf


Okay, we will then see what could be done. I'll get back to you very soon. Thank you for reporting this problem.

Make sure you run the installer from a local drive (not from a network or mapped drive) and that you are logged on as admin.

I am logged in with Admin permissions and UAP is set on, when running the MSI directly it will ask to allow permissions to install but this doesnt promote the Invoker right to any sub program that you shell from your installation application.

To work around this I ran a cmd prompt elevated so all invoked applications were elevated and this installed perfectly :) -

We had a similar issue with our application and this was fixed by adding a Require Administrative Priveledges set to YES in the MSI database.

Thanks for your prompt help

Mike Walker (MCP/MCSD/MVP)
Visual Developer VSTO

Thank you for the resolution! I'm sure it will be helpful for those experiencing similar error.

Here's a blog post that might be also useful to avoid the problem: