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Problem instantiating PDF - BLUEPRINTS - object - JAVA HeapSpace

Hello, we have a problem that occurs with some documents - BLUEPRINTS - when instantiating the object, ex:

Document doc = new com.aspose.pdf.Document.Document (InputStream);
In this point causes: JAVA HeapSpace.

At this point, the memory of the java is completely consumed, blocking the current process and the others as well.

This situation occurs with some specific documents, which were produced by iLovePdf or by PDFWritter.

I attached an example for simulation in

I appreciate the help.


I can not reproduce the issue with latest version. The files are loaded fine within few seconds. Please try Aspose.PDF for Java 21.4 version and let us know if you still face the issue.

Hello, thanks for the feedback.

I will test it and put the results here.


Sure. We look forward to your feedback.