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Problem reading ppt file


I’m having problems reading the attached ppt file with Aspose.Slides for .NET.

The code reads the file and splits it down into individual slides. See below.

The problem is that in this ppt file there is some stray text, which the Aspose.Slides for .NET dll is putting into the slides, you can’t see it if it is opened in powerpoint, but it is there if opened in a hex editor. The text is ouput at the bottom of the output slide with a Greek font. The text in question is
Wiviott SD et al. Lancet 2008;371(9621):1353-1363’

How can I deal with problems like this?

Code used:
For i As Integer = 1 To srcPres.Slides.LastSlidePosition
Dim targetPres As Presentation = New Presentation()
Dim sList As New SortedList
Dim dstSld As Slide
dstSld = srcPres.CloneSlide(srcPres.GetSlideByPosition(i), targetPres.Slides.LastSlidePosition + 1, targetPres, sList)
Dim srcSld As Slide
srcSld = srcPres.GetSlideByPosition(i)
If Not srcSld.Notes Is Nothing Then
For Each srcPara As Paragraph In srcSld.Notes.Paragraphs
'If Not srcPara Is Nothing Then
Dim dstPara As Paragraph
dstPara = New Paragraph(srcPara)
'End If
End If
Dim emptyslide As Slide = targetPres.GetSlideByPosition(1)
targetPres.Write(Server.MapPath("") & “” & stackDir & “” & newNum.toString(“D3”) & “–” & slideshowName & “\ppt” & i.ToString(“D3”) & “.ppt”)
Dim tp As String = Server.MapPath("") & “” & stackDir & “” & newNum.toString(“D3”) & “–” & slideshowName & “\ppt” & i.ToString(“D3”) & “.ppt”
Dim tiffPres As Presentation = New Presentation(tp)
'Dim opts As Aspose.Slides.Export.TiffOptions = New Aspose.Slides.Export.TiffOptions()
'opts.ImageSize = New Size(320,240)
Dim imgOut As String = Server.MapPath("") & “” & stackDir & “” & newNum.toString(“D3”) & “–” & slideshowName & “\jpg” & i.ToString(“D3”)
'tiffPres.Save(imgOut & “.tiff”,Aspose.Slides.Export.SaveFormat.Tiff)
Dim MS = New MemoryStream()
Dim img As System.Drawing.Image = system.Drawing.Image.FromStream(MS)
img.Save(imgOut & “.jpg”, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Jpeg)

Hello Dear,

I have worked with the code snippet and presentation file shared using Aspose.Slides for .NET 6.0.0. I have been able to generate the images and presentations both. They are generated fine. I have tried opening the generated presentation and image in hex editor and have not found the following text.

"Wiviott SD et al. Lancet 2008;371(9621):1353-1363’"

Please share, how to reproduce the issue on my end. I have shared the output generated on my end with you as well. You may observe that for your reference. I have also observed that you are using the long method for generating slide thumbnails. Please visit this documentation link for your kind reference.

Many Thanks,

Ah, sorry! I sent the wrong file.

See attached.


I have worked with the new presentation file shared by you and result is still fine using Aspose.Slides for .NET 6.0.0. For your kind reference, I have attached the generated presentations and images. I have also attached the snapshot of presentation opened in hex editor. If you still feel issue on your end then please share the complete environment details along with the generated out put and also the image highlighting the issue.

Many Thanks,

We have version 5.9.0 is that the problem?


As suggested earlier, please try using Aspose.Slides for .NET 6.0.0 as I have not been able to observe the issue using the mentioned latest version.

Many Thanks,