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Problem Saving Excel Document in Evaluation Version

I'm encountering a bizarre problem with the evaluation version when attempting to save an excel file, using the excelObject.Save(string) function. Infrequently, a garbage value will be written out to a cell, just a random string like 'BzifaffwEw'.

The Evaluation Copyright Warning warns that "GarbageText will be added to each worksheet if this excel file is created using a Template" - is this what is happening? I don't see where I'm using a template. I'd like to know for certain if this is a problem with the evaluation version before considering a purchase.


Yes. This garbage value is caused by evaluation limitation. Do you call Excel.Open or Excel.CalculateFormula method?

Yes, I call the Open() method to do some checking of the file before calling Save(). It’s good to know this is just a problem with the evaluation version. Thanks!

It’s not a problem but an evaluation limitation. When licensed, garbage text will be removed.