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Problem with a document

I attached a zip file containing a word document and the resulting pdf.

the pdf is generated looping trough a list of candidate that successfully passed the course, resulting in many times the original document. it should be 1 per page so if 10 candidates passed the exam, the pdf should be 10 pages long, all the same except the candidate name.

Thanks for getting back to me asap!


Thank you for considering Aspose.

Unfortunately, the incorrect result is related to current limitations of Word to PDF conversion:

- Do not use textboxes for text positioning since only text of textboxes is converted, all other properties including textbox position are ignored.
- Do not use WordArt objects since they are ignored as well.

Please remake the document, probably use table without borders for positioning.

ok, got it for the textboxes …

as for the wordart, does that mean I can’t use image at all ?

Exactly use an image instead that embedded WordArt object.