Problem with Apsose.PDF converting DOC to PDF


After saving a word document to the XML format from Aspose.Word, the XML file and the five .png images that are extracted are all correct. The problem is that when I use Aspose.PDF to convert this XML to a PDF, Aspose.PDF cannot find the image files correctly, it seems to be appending the UNC path that I specifiy to the XML file multiple times. The error that is thrown is "Couldn't open image file".
Also why is the formatting lost when I use the bookmarks collection in Aspose.Word to replace the text marked by the bookmark. For example my Word document has various bookmarks in which the Font is Times Roman 12 point, yet when I call the Bookmark.Text method to set the text, the Font changes to arial 8 point.

Thanks, in Advance.



Aspose.Word saves the images at the same path of the XML. Can please look at the xml file generated by Aspose.Word and give me more detailed info about the image path?

As for the bookmark problem, please send an example to the Aspose.Word team.